81PPS3005S (Fuente de alimentación de laboratorio programable) PPS3005S

Fuente de alimentación para laboratorio programable (0-30V / 0-5A)
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These parameters are tested under 25 ± 5℃ and after 2s power on.

Power effect: CV ≤0.01%+3m V(AC±5%)

Load effect: CV mV≤0.5%+10mV Ripple and noise: ≤1.0mVrms

Output accuracy: V:0.5%+2Lsb I:1%+5Lsb

Read-back accuracy: V:0.5%+10Lsb I:1%+20Lsb

Types of protection: over current, over voltage, over temperature

Interface: RS232 standard USB (optional according to the requirements of the customers)

Working environment: 0 ~ 40C Humidity: less than 80%

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